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  • Robin, Thank you for a beautiful new home!

    Kinda miss our chats and meetings. I want to thank you for helping me and my family obtain that beautiful house. I still can't believe we got it. 45 days from start to finish. It will really provide Kylie with a firm base to live while she helps the children of the Pismo Beach area.
    Here's a picture of the three of us with the key just before entering and one of us standing in front of the whole place (not shown).
    Thank you so much. Of course, if any of our friends are interested in moving to this great area, you will get my referral.

    Best Wishes, Henry Chiu
    Name: The Chiu Family

  • About 8 years ago, Robin sold us our first home. As first time home buyers, we really did not know what to expect. Robin was kind, patient, and walked us through every detail of the buying process. She was informative and never pushed us in a direction that made us uncomfortable. As our family began to grow and it was time to upgrade to a more family conducive home, we knew the only person to help us with this was Robin! Not only did Robin help us find the right buyers for our condo (within 8 days of being on the market!), but once she again made our dreams a reality in finding our new family home. She knew the market and above all she truly cared for what we were looking for. She treated us more like a member of the family then a client. Robin is truly the best and she could not come more highly recommended.
    Name: Mandy & Andrew Woodards

  • Robin, my wife and I wanted to thank you for getting the job done! We appreciated your knowledge of the Nipomo area and specifically Black Lake Mobile Home Estates. We were unaware of what prices were and what the demand for this type of property was. From the time we listed with you till the time of closing we appreciated your up to date status reports of the progress. Not being from the area we especially appreciated your knowledge and professional guidance. The entire process was effortless, thanks.
    Name: Ron and Lois Magnuson. NewPort Beach Ret Fire Chief

  • My wife and I were so pleased with the service from Robin Kosmala at Hoving Taylor Realty Group that I wanted to share our experience.

    Robin is so caring and understanding not to mention a outstanding realtor on the central coast.

    The selling process can be quite stressful, and it was especially so for us as we had lived in our home more then 25 years then relocated for another two years. During all this, Robin was always there to calm our nerves and assure us that everything would work out and it has indeed.

    Robin was candid, provided great feedback, explained clearly all details and managed the sale negotiation brilliantly. Additionally, she was patient to every one of our questions, and we had many. Furthermore, she was diligent about bringing out the right buyers to see the house and with her help we found the perfect people to live in our beloved home on the Central Coast. One more thing, Robin always returned phone calls and emails immediately, she was available 24/7.

    Now, as we move forward and begin a search for our final home, we are extremely excited to again work with Robin.

    Thank you, Robin for all your expertise and knowledge. We really got to know you well and gained not just an excellent real estate agent, but a lifelong friend.
    Name: Greg and Cathi Madrigal

  • We were introduced to Robin Kosmala through one our good friends. We had been trying to sell our home in Morro Bay and upgrade to a larger home, which would require some very specific amenities: A wood shop; a view; good gardening soil; and a 3-car garage.

    We showed Robin a couple of houses we thought we might be interested in. She was very professional and did not criticize them; however, she strongly suggested we at least look here in Pismo Beach before going any further.

    She gave some excellent reasons for us to seriously consider what she was telling us, so we set out on a journey to look at a few homes in Pismo. We had never thought we would like living permanently in Pismo Beach, so it had been out of the question.

    The very first home she showed us in Pismo was exactly what we had been trying to find for over five years—on our own. She listened diligently to our needs and desires, and walked us directly to a perfect match—a fixer in a beautiful neighborhood, with even MORE THAN we had told her were our must haves.

    As soon as the price we wanted to pay was successfully negotiated, and we were in escrow, we gave her the listing to sell our home in Morro Bay. The only thing we fault her for was that she sold that home on the second day it was on the market—for our full asking price. We will never be crazy enough to actually fault her for that. She’s great!!

    We have owned several homes in our life together, but we’ve never seen anyone work so hard to make it all happen like Robin did.

    We now recommend Robin Kosmala to anyone we know or hear about who needs a realtor. Robin will become your personal real estate agent workaholic! She did that for us!
    Name: Darrell Klassen (PGA and PGA Certified Instructor)

  • We selected Robin Kosmala as our realtor when we were looking for a home about six years ago. It took us almost a year to find our perfect (forever) home and during that entire time, Robin never pressured us. She was always looking out for homes that met our needs. And when something new would pop up on the market, she would contact us right away, show us the listing and arrange for us to see it if we were interested.

    We had all but given up when she found the perfect home for us. It had been on the market less than a week. Robin was instrumental in arranging multiple showings for us while also being considerate of the occupants. She listened to our needs and helped facilitate a smooth purchase. We are still in touch with Robin and we refer people to her often. Robin is one of those rare realtors who come into your life and never leave. We have a friend in her as well as an excellent real estate agent and expert on living on the Central Coast!
    Name: Frank & Kymberly Fazzio Nipomo, CA

  • Robin Kosmala is a motivated, eager agent. She helped us sell a home during a stressful time for our family, and was able to secure a good offer in a short period of time, and worked with us until the sale was complete. She was available at all times for our questions and concerns. The photos of the home she took for marketing purposes were first rate, and so were the flyer and other marketing materials. We would strongly recommend her.
    Name: Maria Wendler

  • This has been the best agent I have used, and I have bought and sold a lot of houses. The best part about Robin is her loyalty and hard work. She is always working for you and always has your best interest in mind. I plan to work with Robin in the future
    Name: Corey Rabbon, Investor

  • Have you been looking for that perfect home, but no luck? We searched for a larger home for nearly two years. With specific needs high on our list, we wouldn’t deviate for anything less. With the help of good friends, from Washington no less, we were given the name, Robin Kosmala. (Yes, their experience with her was so rewarding they are still friends!) Fine, we called her.

    We filled her ears with all our wants and needs, showed her properties we had negotiated for, talked about what we were willing to do, knew our purchase and investment numbers, fluffed our serious feathers and she took it from there. Thinking we were diehard for our current location, we continued our search. Finally, she said to us, “If you would consider looking in a different area, I know I can find you what you want!” Okay, you’re on. She gave us some ideas and some direction, and we put together some addresses from listings, and spent an entire day looking out of our area. Wazoo! Right out of the chute we found it.

    Now, you need to understand that we aren’t normal shoppers, we can make decisions, know what we want, know what is important to us, and don’t like a lot of messiness. We just want to get the job done! So, we find the diamond in the rough! We’re ready to go for our dream. Yep, it’s the ugly duckling on the block, empty for two years, part of an estate, seller has illusions of grandeur in their pricing, wallpaper on every square inch of the walls, brass fixtures, original appliances, and a totally dead yard.

    Now for the test. We needed a good home inspector, a reliable and experienced contractor. Well, again, Robin came through. Thanks to her contacts, we were able to make a fair offer, and with her efficient management of a short escrow, we closed escrow in less than 30 days. Renovation started the next week.

    We now have a beautiful home, among other like homes, everything Robin promised us was produced in a timely manner. She is amazingly friendly and well-connected in her industry which makes everything easier and move smoothly. After four months of renovation, a five month landscaping job, we are still the best of friends.

    Who knew we were shopping in the wrong store all along? Only someone with real experience and the ability to treat people professionally while telling them what they really need to hear could have gotten us to the finish line. Robin Kosmala got us to the finish line of our dreams!

    And by the way, she sold the home from which we wanted to move, in a snap! Robin is a real professional. We still talk about how hard she worked to get all of this accomplished!
    Name: Valerie Klassen Ret Head Dept of Correction/Professional Artist & Cook

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